Twisted perfection, p.30
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       Twisted Perfection, p.30

         Part #1 of Perfection series by Abbi Glines
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  There were no words. I had held Della all night and she hadn’t woken up screaming one time. Now that I knew the horror she’d lived through, I wondered what she was dreaming that caused her to scream. I knew it had to do with her mother. There was more to that story than she’d told me but for now that was all she wanted me to know. It was enough.

  I watched her sleep peacefully beside me as the sun rose and the early morning daylight began to dance across the water. Having her in my room and in my bed was perfect. Nothing had ever been this perfect. But my chest was tight and my heart felt heavy. There was so much pain and emotional abuse that Della had suffered and I wasn’t sure how to help her heal.

  She stirred in my arms and I kissed the tip of her nose. She was mine. I would take care of her. I wanted to help her forget all this pain and darkness in her eyes. Her long lashes fluttered as her eyes opened and she looked up at me.

  “Good morning,” I told her as she stretched in my arms with a sleepy smile.

  “I don’t think I’ve slept that hard in a very long time,” she said then stifled a yawn.

  “It’s because I’m so damn comfortable,” I teased.

  “I agree. All this softness is comfy,” she said and grinned wickedly at me.

  “Softness? I’ll show you softness,” I said flipping her on her back to press my morning hard-on against the crotch of her panties. “There’s nothing soft about that. ”

  She made a purring sound and opened her legs so that I’d fit comfortably between them. “No, nothing soft at all,” she agreed and lifted her hips to rub against me.

  I could feel the wet silk of her panties through my underwear and I groaned in pleasure. She was already wet.

  “I was gonna get up and make you breakfast,” I said as she continued to rub her damp pussy against my cock.

  “Hmmm, that’s sweet. Why don’t you make love to me first,” she said, reaching for the bottom of my tee shirt I’d dressed her in last night before bringing her to bed. I’d also taken the liberty of taking off her bra because those couldn’t be comfortable to sleep in. This morning both round globes bounced freely in my face and I forgot about the breakfast and my good intentions. Even the words ‘make love to me’ that had startled me at first no longer mattered. Della was in my bed and she was getting naked. She started shimmying out of her panties when I decided to catch up and jerked my shirt off and then pulled my boxers off and tossed them aside.

  Della opened her legs and smiled naughtily up at me. “Put it in bare. You can pull out,” she said, lifting her hips up to me in invitation. Pulling out wasn’t always safe but fuck me I didn’t care right now. I wanted inside her without a barrier and the sweet nectar dribbling out of her opening was more than I could handle. I pressed her knees open and plunged in.

  We both cried out in pleasure as I filled her in one swift move. The heat was so soft and tight around me. I’d never felt it like this before. I was so close to coming already that I had to hold still.

  “Woods, this feels so good. You feel so good. I need you close. So close,” she panted as her chest rose and fell under me.

  I reached down and rubbed her clit with my finger using the juice from her pussy to stimulate it. She began to buck under me and I moved in and out of her slowly. Once she lost it and the walls of her heat started squeezing me I was going to have to pull out. I was too close. The sensation was killing me.

  “Just like that. Oh, Woods, yes, rub it, yes, ohmygod, yes. ” Her begging and cries came to a halt right before she shuddered underneath me and cried out my name.

  I moved in her one more time before jerking out and coming all over her stomach. Seeing my spunk pooled up on her flat stomach only made my chest clench tighter. Mine. I’d marked her again. She was mine.

  I slowly got up then went and got a warm washcloth to clean her off. She was staring down at my mess and grinning when I got back. I started to wipe it off and she giggled.

  “What’s so funny?” I asked. I loved hearing her laugh.

  “I’ve never had a guy come on me like that before. I think I liked it. ”

  The idea of any other guy’s cum getting anywhere near her pissed me off. I didn’t want visual images of Della and some other guy. How many guys could she have been with? She missed most of her life locked up by her mother.

  “You look upset. What did I say wrong?”

  I finished cleaning her off then looked up at her. “You didn’t say anything wrong. I just… I just don’t like thinking about you and another guy. ”

  She sat up on her elbows. “I’ve only been with three counting you. ”

  Two more than what would make me happy. But it wasn’t fair to get pissed. I had slept with more girls than I could count.

  “You were my second if that helps. ”

  Her second? What the fuck… did that mean? Ah, hell. I didn’t want to think about this. She’d had sex after our first time together. I had with Angelina. But fuck me if it wasn’t hard to swallow. She’d gone to Dallas and hooked up with her married boss there. Why had I walked away from her that night? Because she was a one-night stand. A one-night stand that completely blew my mind but still. I’d done what we both expected me to do. Or had she?

  I couldn’t think about this. I shoved off the bed and stalked back to the bathroom to calm down. This was not her fault. I was becoming a complete possessive bastard and she didn’t deserve that.

  A small hand touched my shoulder. “Are you okay?”

  I turned around and she was standing completely naked with a worried frown on her forehead. She’d woken up in a happy mood and I had ruined it with my need to own her. What was wrong with me?

  I pulled her to me until her breasts brushed my chest. “I’m sorry. I’m an ass. I got all pissy thinking about someone else… about some… shit. I can’t even say it. ”

  Della stepped closer, ran her hands up my chest, and locked them behind my neck.

  “No one’s ever been inside me without a condom on. Only you. When this week is over you’ll be the only man to ever fill me with his cum. ”

  The caveman was beating his chest at the idea of finding my release deep inside her and letting my seed coat the tight little hole I was obsessed with.

  I brushed the hair in her face away and tilted her chin up until I could press my lips firmly against hers. This girl was going to consume me.

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