Twisted perfection, p.27
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       Twisted Perfection, p.27

         Part #1 of Perfection series by Abbi Glines
Page 27



  The warmth and delicious smell of Woods hoodie was stronger than it had been when I’d fallen asleep. I snuggled closer and the hard body and arms wrapped around me caused me to pause. I took another deep breath and realized that it wasn’t Woods’ hoodie I was smelling. I opened my eyes and looked up to see Woods’ stubbled chin. He was in bed with me. He was also fully clothed. So was I. I thought back to last night and I was positive I’d gotten in bed by myself.

  “Good morning,” his sexy deep voice said startling me. His eyes were still closed.

  “Um… good morning,” I replied, watching him. A smile tugged on his lips and he opened his eyes and moved his head so he was looking down at me.

  “You feel real good in the mornings,” he said, slipping his hand around my waist.

  He did too. But where did he come from?

  “Uh, thank you. Um, what are doing here?” I asked.

  The humor in his eyes was replaced by something else. I wondered if I had hurt his feelings. Had I forgotten something? Was I blacking out now? Oh God…

  “I came over last night after you went to sleep,” he said.

  Relief swamped me. I hadn’t blacked out and forgotten something. I was okay. But why had he come back?


  “Because I wanted to be here when you had a bad dream. I should be the one holding you, not Tripp. ”

  Understanding slowly dawned on me and I began to pull away from him. His arms tightened around me and I couldn’t move. “Don’t,” he said simply. “Let me finish. ”

  I stayed still in his arms. My body was completely stiff. He had been here to see my crazy. Had he seen it? I hadn’t woken up. Was he leaving me now? Did he see just how insane I was? I hated Tripp. He had told him. He’d seen us together yesterday and warned him that I was crazy.

  “Tripp was worried about my intentions with you. He came to my office yesterday to talk to me about it before he caught us in there together. He wanted to see how serious I was where you were concerned. He was there to warn me off. I convinced him that I was more serious about you than I had ever been about a girl and he told me about your bad dreams. I wanted to be here. I couldn’t stand the idea of him holding you. Of you going through that and me not being here for you. Don’t be mad at me, sweetheart. Please, I don’t want you ever to sleep without me beside you again. I can’t stand the thought of you dealing with that alone. ”

  Tears swam in my eyes and I buried my face in his chest and let out a small sob. His words were so sweet and honest. He’d been here. He’d seen me and he wanted to be here again. Why? Did it not scare him?

  “Don’t cry. I can’t stand to see you cry. I just want to make you happy. ”

  His words wrapped around my heart and I knew in that moment I had fallen in love with Woods. It might be stupid for me to love anyone but I did. I loved him. I couldn’t tell him though. He didn’t know everything about me and telling him I loved him was unfair. But I did. I loved him so much.

  I wiped the tears from my eyes before looking at him again.

  “Why do you want to stay near me? You’ve seen how messed up I am. Why aren’t you running?”

  Woods cupped my face in his hand and he pressed a kiss to the tip of my nose. “Because of this. You don’t understand why anyone would want you. Do you have any idea how many Angelinas I’ve known? They expected attention and devotion. They used their beauty to control. But you… you have no fucking clue how unbelievably beautiful and desirable you are. You’re not calculating and selfish. And you make me want to be better. ”

  I was completely sunk. This man had the power to destroy me. I moved over him and straddled his lap. I reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head before pulling his hoodie off me. I wanted to feel his skin against mine.

  I pressed my bare chest against his and moaned from the pleasure. His chest was rising and falling hard and his hands tightened on my waist. But he didn’t move. He let me do this. I pulled back enough to brush my nipples across his hard pecs as I watched our heated skin touch.

  “Baby,” he growled as his hand squeezed my waist.

  “It feels good, doesn’t it?” I asked, unable to take my eyes off our chests. I arched forward and ran my nipples over his. The swift breath he sucked in through his teeth made me smile.

  “Amazing,” he replied.

  I loved him. I let that sink in as I ran my hands over his wide shoulders and down his arms. I wanted to kiss him everywhere. I wanted to know his body better than my own.

  “Can I kiss you?” I asked looking up at him.

  “Please,” he replied.

  I pressed a kiss to his right nipple and his hands came up to grab my head. He hadn’t been expecting that. He’d thought I wanted a kiss. He hadn’t understood what I was asking. I continued to kiss him as I went down his body and licked each tight ripple of his stomach. When my hands found his jeans I unsnapped them and pulled the zipper down. Then I tugged them down and Woods lifted his hips enough for me to get them over his ass. I continued to take them further down his legs until they were lying in a heap on the floor. Smiling to myself, I began kissing my way up his muscular legs enjoying each flinch of his body as I licked the inside of his thigh. Then I reached up and took the erection that was standing at complete attention in my hands.

  “Della,” Woods breathed unsteadily.

  I didn’t look up at him as I opened my mouth and slid him in my mouth until the head of his cock brushed the back of my throat.

  “Sweet, FUCK,” he cried out and his hand tugged lightly on my hair only making me more determined to drive him crazy.

  I slowly ran my tongue over his sensitive flesh. His body was trembling beneath my touch and I loved it. I clamped my mouth over the head of his cock again and took him deep then I let him completely slide out of my mouth with a pop before filling my mouth with his hard pulsing flesh again.

  “Della, baby, come up here. I’m gonna come,” he gasped.

  I wanted him to come. I wanted this with him. I cupped his balls in my hands and began gently kneading and squeezing them as I sucked harder on the tip of his cock before taking it as deeply as I could until I gagged.

  “Fuck, shit, oh, oh,” he groaned. He liked hearing me gag.

  I did it again and his hand tightened in my hair and he threw his head back. “I’m gonna come in that pretty mouth,” he warned and I took him even deeper and let the gagging noise last longer this time before pulling back.

  With a roar he held my head still as he shot his release into my mouth. I’d never let a guy do this before. But I loved it. I loved feeling his body tremble and hear his words of praise. Once I had swallowed everything I ran my tongue over the red head of his softening cock and he grabbed me and pulled me away from him with a laugh. “You’re gonna kill me but it’s gonna be the sweetest death any man has ever known. ”

  I went into his arms as he wrapped me up in his embrace.

  He buried his head in the curve of my neck and shoulder and let out a shaky breath. “Don’t leave me, Della. ”

  Those words meant more than he could ever know.

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