Twisted perfection, p.23
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       Twisted Perfection, p.23

         Part #1 of Perfection series by Abbi Glines
Page 23



  “Here,” Woods said, walking up behind me.

  I turned to look at him and he was holding a glass of red wine. I took it and hoped my inexperience in the red wine department wasn’t too apparent on my face when I took a sip. I was positive this was expensive but I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in cheap or good wine. I’d had very little.

  “Thank you,” I managed to reply without sounding as unsure as I felt.

  “Come sit down. We can see the view just as good from over here,” he said, nodding toward two teak lounge chairs.

  I walked over and sank down onto the thick quilted cushion and stretched my legs out in front of me.

  Woods scooted the lounger beside me closer with his leg then lowered himself down onto it. He moved the armrest that separated us. If I shifted even an inch I would brush up against him. It was tempting.

  “I didn’t ask if you liked red wine,” he said.

  He was probably noticing my small sips. I was deciding that I did like it. I wasn’t sure how it would affect me though.

  “I wasn’t positive I liked it or not. I’ve not really had much of it in the past. But this is good. ”

  He smirked and took a drink. I really shouldn’t stare at him but the muscles in his throat moved as he swallowed and it was mesmerizing. Woods set his glass down on the table on the other side of his chair but he didn’t take his eyes off me.

  “I’d planned to be good tonight. But I can’t. Not with you looking at me like that,” Woods said as he took the glass from my hand and put it down beside his. “I think I’ll be okay if I can just have a little. Just a small taste. It’s been too long and I can’t seem to think about anything other than how much I want to kiss you,” he brushed his finger over my lips, “and the many parts of you I want to touch,” he said, slipping one of his hands around my waist. Then his hand slid down further until it was cupping my butt. “Fuck baby, you aren’t wearing any panties under these shorts. ”

  The reminder of the thin fabric being the only barrier down there to soak up the moisture his words were causing concerned me. I did not want a damp spot on my shorts. That would be humiliating.

  “Come here,” he ordered, picking me up by the waist and pulling me onto his lap. I didn’t want to straddle him. What if I was already wet down there? His hand closed over my thigh and I shivered, unable to stop him from moving my leg over his lap until my crotch was hovering over him. I was going to ruin these shorts.

  Woods’ hands slipped into my hair and pulled my head down until his lips covered mine. The moment his tongue eased into my mouth and flicked against mine I no longer cared about the possible shorts fiasco I might have to deal with later. I just wanted more of him. He cupped my face with one hand and then ran the tip of his very talented tongue over the roof of my mouth causing me to sink down onto him. The hard ridge of his erection pressed firmly against the burning ache that was alive and ready. I knew how good Woods felt inside me and my body was screaming for more.

  “So sweet,” he murmured against my lips. Then his attentive mouth began to tease my jawline until his open mouth pressed against my neck. The heat from his breath made my nipples throb.

  Woods moved his hand between my legs until he found the evidence of my arousal. “Already wet,” he said against my neck then suckled the skin there gently. “Do you know how incredibly sexy it is that your shorts are wet?” I didn’t respond. I couldn’t. I was holding my breath in anticipation. “I don’t think you do,” he said, continuing to kiss down my neck.

  “Della, tonight wasn’t supposed to be about sex,” he said, looking up at me through lowered lashes. His mouth was so close to my cleavage I wanted to shove my chest in his face and beg. “I just needed a taste. Trouble is I forgot how intoxicating you smell. I want inside you baby. Right here. I want to rip these shorts off your body and slide deep inside you. ” I was ready to agree to anything if he’d just touch me some more. A small whimper escaped me and I didn’t even care that I was showing him how weak and needy I was.

  “Are you hurting?” he asked as he reached up and tugged the front of my shirt down and then my bra until both my breasts were free. “I’m a tit man and these titties are like fucking nirvana. So round and soft. ” He pressed a kiss to one of my pebbled up nipples and then stuck his tongue out and ran it slowly over the tip. “Perfect little round cherries. Meant to be sucked on,” he whispered before pulling it into his mouth and doing just that. I couldn’t keep myself from grabbing his head desperately and holding him there. I didn’t want him to stop. I could feel it all the way down between my legs. Each tug of my nipple had delicious waves of pleasure rolling through me. Woods hand slipped into the front of my shorts and I lifted my hips to give him better access. He covered my smooth mound and groaned when his finger found my slick heat. I was soaked and any other time I would care. Right now I just needed more.

  Two of his fingers found my swollen clit and began to rub it in a steady rhythm matching the sucking his mouth was doing on my nipple. He pulled his head back and moved from one breast to the other. That was as far as I was letting his head move away.

  The magic that only Woods seemed to be able to cause started to build and I spread my thighs wider. He pinched down on my clit at the same time he bit my nipple and the bliss I had been expecting exploded around me. I pulled his hair and screamed his name while my whole body shook from the violent orgasm.

  “Ah, God,” he gasped and wrapped his arms around my body holding me against his chest. I collapsed against him. Woods breathing was as heavy as my own and I let go of the handfuls of his hair I still had in my grasp.

  “I’m sorry,” I managed to croak out.

  “For what?” Woods asked with his mouth pressed against my neck.

  “Pulling your hair. ”

  A soft chuckle vibrated his body and he licked at tender flesh he’d nibbled on earlier. “Don’t be. That was hot. So fucking hot. Anytime you want to pull my hair while you’re screaming my name, go right ahead. ”

  I felt his erection jerk underneath me and my throbbing well-pleased body jumped in response. We weren’t finished. That had just been an appetizer. I rocked my hips against him savoring the pleasant pain it created. Woods’ hands clamped down on my hips and held me still. “Don’t. ”

  I froze. Was I hurting him?

  He sucked in a breath then picked me up and eased me off him. Maybe I had been too loud out here and he was going to move us inside.

  “I’ve got some work to do. I should take you home. ”

  What? Home? Huh? I sat there as he stood up and adjusted himself before picking up our wine glasses. I hadn’t moved to follow him. I was still processing what was happening.

  He glanced down at me and what looked like a wince crossed his face. Before I could ask what was wrong he set the glasses down and reached down to pull my bra and shirt back into place then he took my hand and pulled me up.

  “I have to take you back,” was all he said before grabbing the wine glasses and walking inside.

  Like someone on autopilot I followed him. He put both our glasses on his bar and then grabbed his keys. He glanced back at me and smiled then nodded his head toward the door.

  We were really leaving. Okay. My stomach felt sick. I’d done something wrong. Had he seen how much I craved his touch? Did that scare him? It scared me that I wanted him to touch me so badly. It scared me that he made me feel comfort in ways no one else had ever been able to. I was willing to do anything to make him want to be close to me longer. Going back to the condo only meant another night ahead with dreams I wanted to escape. Memories that controlled me. I wanted what Woods could give me. But I wouldn’t be getting that. He was getting rid of me.

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