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       Interview With A Hex Boy (Supernatural Fun When Book Bloggers and Fantasy Demons Hunters Collide), p.3

           A and E Kirk
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  Blake: Bring me back some ribs!

  Ayden: Not Texas! Paris, France. We'd get there early so I could take her on a shopping spree on the Faubourg Saint-Honoré which houses designers like Versace, Hermes, Chanel, Christian Doir, and Yves Saint Laurent. She'd get all decked out in some of her new clothes and we'd take a luxurious boat ride on the Seine River. Afterwards we'd head up to the top of the Eiffle Tower and enjoy a romantic dinner at Le Jules Verne. We'd stay up all night exploring the City of Lights, have a delicious breakfast in a quaint cafe then hit the best chocolatiers in town to stock up for the ride home.

  Blake: Paris? Psh, lame. I'd take my babe on horseback through the mountains up to the falls. Then we'd have a picnic on top of the waterfalls. She'll be so overwhelmed by my romantic side that she'll swoon into my arms and-

  Ayden: Die because she ate something you made.

  Blake: I'd never jeopardize my lady like that! I'd have Jayden make the picnic. He's my wing man.

  Jayden: I'd cook for my Valentine as well after I took her to-

  Ayden: You can't take her to a lab or conduct experiments on her.

  Jayden: Who is to say my potential mate wouldn't like laboratories?

  Ayden: Me. Not on V-day she doesn't. She wants romantic.

  Jayden: A liaison of sorts. Hm...I'd commandeer the family yacht and set sail to a remote location where we could surf together. I'd ensure there'd be perfect waves. Look at me being whimsical!

  Tristan: I'd keep my date low key. Buy out the theatre for the day and have them play all my Valentine's favorite movies. Space Odyessy, Ghost Busters, The Matrix.

  Blake: Her favorites or yours?

  Tristan: Hers. What girl doesn't like Star Wars?

  Blake: Trust me, dude, stick to Rom-Coms.

  Logan: We'd have dinner at the country club. And I'd have professional dancers come and reenact my Valentine's favorite dance number from her favorite musical. Then I'd dance her over so she could star in it.

  Ayden: Are you going to dance too?

  Logan: Of course. I wouldn't throw her up there and watch, I'd lead her through it.

  Ayden: Tristan!

  Tristan: Don't worry, I've already got the camera.

  Matthias: *Crickets chirp in the silence*

  Tristan: Come on, just answer the question.

  Jayden: It's hypothetical.

  Ayden: Especially since no girl is brave enough to get within a hundred yards of you.

  Logan: *Mutters* Or insane enough.

  Blake: Told you to work on your chivalry.

  Matthias: *Sighs* England. I'd take my Valentine to England on a tour of the places from Jane Austen's books. Derbyshire, Mr. Darcy's house. Places like that.

  Ayden: You're really milking that dark, brooding thing.


  With Jenny at Supernatural Snark

  Today I have a very special interview with a certain Hex Boy who may or may not be completely and utterly in love with me. It happens a lot. I'm very lovable you see. Anyway, I've invited Ayden here for a little chat so we can discuss our love out in the open and share it with the world. Don't be jealous everyone, sure Ayden is mine (and Blake too) but there's a fictional someone out there for all of you as well!

  In all seriousness though, I've had an absolute blast on the promotional tour for Demons at Deadnight and I'm beyond thrilled to share some of the witty banter A&E Kirk do so well in this story with all of you. I hope the interview makes you laugh as much as it did me and Happy Friday!

  Jenny: What’s the very first thing that ran through your mind when Aurora fell and managed to land astride you? I would just like to remind you that I am the epitome of a mature individual and my mind absolutely NEVER dips into the gutter, so let’s keep this answer clean ;-)

  Ayden: *Grins.* First of all, I’ve seen your tweets, so I’m not buying the innocent act. But I’ll do my best. I noticed her sweaty t-shirt clinging in all the right places and yoga pants that followed every curve of those endless legs. I’m a guy. I felt some heat. And in my case that can be dangerous, which is why I did what I did. To protect her. Although, I’ve been working on my control. So why don’t you and I reenact the scenario and see how I handle it now?

  **Don't believe him dear readers! I am a paragon of innocence and virtue. And class. A PARAGON I TELL YOU! Ayden, stop trying to corrupt me with your many charms. I'm immune. And I'll meet you for that reenactment anytime and anyplace ;-)**

  Jenny: If you could trade abilities with one of the other Hex Boys for a day, whom would you most like to switch with and what would you do with the new ability first?

  Ayden: Don’t ever tell him this, but I’d switch with Blake. It’d be nice to actually bring life into the world, instead of turning everything ash. I’d recreate the gardens of Versailles. Then we could take a walk and—

  Jayden: I don’t know why you’re embarrassed. That cerebral thread has logical merit.

  Ayden: *sighs*

  Jayden: I’m sure you’re befuddled trying to aggregate my reasons for being here.

  Ayden: I gave up years ago trying to understand a brother like you.

  Jayden: Blake was inquiring as to your interview venue. This is embarrassing to admit, but as inept as Blake is, he always seems to get the better of me. So I thought it best to leave the premises before I unwittingly unveiled your location.

  Ayden: By coming to my location?

  Jayden: You don’t give me enough credit. My stealth techniques—

  Blake: Suck!

  Jayden: *Hangs head* I’m never going to live this down.

  Blake: Yes, you’ll never live this down Logic Boy because I so owned you! Jenny, a highly intelligent and gorgeous babe like you finds brains attractive. This is my way of proving that I’m worthy of your love.

  Ayden: If you touch her, you’ll never be able to use your hands again.

  Blake: What if she touches me?

  *Jenny reaches for both Ayden and Blake here. Two hands. Two boys. Perfect mathematical outcome*

  Ayden: Keep dreaming.

  Jenny: Can you share with us any funny stories from when you, the boys, and Aurora were kids?

  Blake: How about we go somewhere quiet and write our own romance, Jenny.

  **Blake! Just how easy do you think I am? Please scroll up to question one and take note of the paragon of innocence exclamation. With that clearly stated for all to read I'd just like to say I'm really digging historical romances at the moment, so maybe we can romance ourselves in that general direction. Also, romance novel heroes almost NEVER wear shirts. Ever. They're perpetually shirtless. Let's start there...**

  Jayden: Back then Blake employed the ridiculous notion that girls possessed cooties.

  Ayden: I miss those days.

  Blake: That’s before I met babes like Jenny.

  Ayden: Well, the first time we met Aurora, she beat Jayden over the head with her picture book.

  Jayden: I was simply trying to point out its inaccuracy regarding the fanciful personification of animals.

  Blake: I’d have hit you too.

  Jenny: Let’s talk romance for a second (you can thank me later for bringing this topic up – kisses are an acceptable form of payment. Just saying.). On a date with a girl, who is most likely to wind up getting slapped? Most likely to land a first date kiss? Most likely to come up with the strangest activity to do on a date?

  Blake: Romance? Kisses as payment? Will you keep me?

  Ayden: Keep you locked up in her basement so that she can have what she really wants. Me.

  Blake: *Snorts* Please.

  Jayden: Gentlemen, you digress.

  Ayden: Sorry, Jenny. Most likely to get slapped is Jayden.

  Jayden: Me?! What about Blake?

  Blake: You’re the only one who brings up fallopian tubes.

  *Jenny falls out of her chair laughing. Snorting may also be involved*

  Ayden: Logan’s shy charm, almost as irre
sistible as mine, would land the kiss.

  Blake: It’d be a waste because he’d faint.

  Ayden: And Matthias would come up with the strangest activity.

  Blake: Not Jayden?

  Jayden: Hey!

  Ayden: No way. Can you imagine Matthias with a girl?

  Blake: He’d probably sacrifice her on an altar so some god would get rid of Aurora.

  Jayden: Or they’d do needlepoint.

  Ayden: Exactly. And as for me, I’d be the one most likely to get a second date. And a—

  Blake: You’re the one most likely to make me throw up.

  Jenny: If I were to make a pass at you, hypothetically speaking of course, what would you say my chances of successfully landing a date with you would be? I’m asking for strictly professional interview purposes only. Obviously. (If my chances aren’t so good, can we maybe direct this question to the other boys as well? Thanks.)

  Ayden: The jet’s fueled. How about dinner in Paris?

  Blake: Yuck. Who wants stinky frog legs? Pick me! I’ll give you a ride you won’t forget.

  **Who says I'd let you be the one doing the riding? I'll show you how to get ridden...**

  Ayden and Jayden: Blake!

  Blake: A horseback ride. Jeez, you guys have dirty minds.

  *Oops. I went in the gutter too. My bad. I thought that was where we were all headed. No? Just me and Ayden and Jayden then?*

  Jenny: You’re a little smug and a little self-satisfied when it comes to Aurora’s physical reactions to you (and damn if isn’t irritatingly attractive). What is the best line you’ve either used on a girl or heard used on a girl to make a memorable first impression?

  Ayden: I don’t like to use lines because they seem dishonest and I like to better spend my time asking questions and getting to know the real person. But I have to admit, after meeting you, falling asleep is useless because the reality of you is far better than any dream.

  Blake: Oh, come on, dude. That was so a line! A good one—and I’ll use it— but so a line!

  Ayden: Are you saying I’m wrong?

  Blake: Of course not. Jenny’s awesome but…*sighs* I hate you.

  Ayden: You’re the one who got kicked out of the seduction course.

  Blake: I knew everyone called it that!

  Jenny: Okay, I’ll ease up on the romantic stuff for now.

  Blake: What? No! Romance is where I shine!

  Ayden: Obviously not if she’s changing subject.

  Jenny: If for some reason your abilities with fire were to go on the fritz, what other type of weapon would you feel most comfortable battling demonic forces with?

  Ayden: An iron chain whip, fringed with blades. It’s got weight, fluidity and ultimate damage capability.

  Blake: Hey, Jenny, if you like whips, I like whips. And I know a guy…

  **I have to say I enjoy how this conversation keeps making its way back to the gutter. It wouldn't be a Friday here without some sexual innuendo and inappropriate comments. I'm a little in love with you right now Blake, not gonna lie**

  Jenny: Your parents are fans of expressing their gratitude to others with hugely extravagant gifts. What, big or small, is the best gift you think they’ve ever given you?

  Ayden: *Shakes head* Other people get the extravagant stuff. Not us. I’m just happy we’re still all together.

  Blake: That’s the ultimate gift, dude. *Blake breathes deep* But those sports cars are sweet.

  Jayden: We only received them after they were damaged during overseas transit and destined for the junkyard.

  Ayden: *Laughs* One even had to be fished out of the harbor. We worked in Logan’s dad auto shop to pay for parts while he and Logan helped us put the cars back together. It took months.

  Jayden: They did give us the game room.

  Ayden: True. Although, some might argue they only gave it to us because somebody set our kitchen on fire.

  Blake: I told you that was an accident!

  Jenny: Have you ever inadvertently lit something of vital importance on fire?

  Ayden: Jayden’s homework.

  Jayden: That was on purpose.

  Ayden: So you keep saying.

  Blake: As long as you don’t light Jenny on fire because she’s vitally important to me.

  **Flattery will get you everywhere with me. Let's go back to that question about riding...**

  Ayden: Don’t worry. I don’t light her on fire. I just light her fire.

  **You sweet talker you! What else can you do with your mouth?**

  Jayden: Is that a line? Why are you using it on Blake?

  Jenny: Which would you rather face: a pissed off demon, a pissed off Guardian, or a pissed off Aurora?

  Ayden: Demon. I have a lot more experience with them. And much more chance of survival.

  *Door bangs open.*

  Matthias: What about a pissed off Matthias?

  Jayden: *Shrugs* We deal with that every day.

  Logan and Tristan: *Push past Matthias* We have to get out of here.

  Ayden: My session isn’t over yet.

  Matthias: That’s because it’s not a session. It’s an interview. *Lights flicker.* With a civilian.

  Ayden: *Looks confused at Jenny* You’re not a shrink?

  **Um. Not technically. But if that's what does it for you Ayden, consider me shrinky in every possible way**

  Matthias: None of them have been.

  Jayden: Of course not. Why would you think that?

  Matthias: Because you told us you’d received orders from the Mandatum that our team had to have mandatory interviews with psychologists!

  Jayden: I didn’t say that.

  All the other Hex Boys: Yes you did!

  Jayden: No, I said—

  Matthias: Ayden, you’re supposed to translate him! How could you miss this?

  Ayden: Since when is that my job?

  Matthias: Tristan, take care of Jenny.

  Blake: *Hugs Jenny to shield her* Wait! I don’t want her to forget how much she loves me!

  Tristan: What if she’s like Aurora? I don’t want to hurt—

  Matthias: Are you two kidding me right now?! Logan!

  Logan: *Jumps on Blake’s back and gets him in headlock.*

  Blake: Get off! *Spins wildly. Yanks on Logan’s tie.* I love her!

  Tristan: Logan, ease up. He might pass out!

  Logan: *Grunts* That’s the plan.

  Jayden: Your manic behavior is unnecessary. Everyone thinks our experiences are fictional.

  *All Hex Boys freeze*

  Matthias: Explain.

  Jayden: These exceptional ladies who we’ve been talking to are highly respected book bloggers. Since I’m chronicling our adventures, I was curious to study the real world’s response to our paranormal one. So I set up these interviews to receive feedback.

  Ayden: *Groans* It’s one of his experiments.

  Matthias: *Squints* And they think this is all make believe.

  Blake: *Panicked* But our love is real!

  **BLAKE!!!!! OUR LOVE IS SO REAL! IT'S THE REAL-EST! It cannot be contained. Or doused. It is ever-growing and all-encompassing. In fact, I think my love can grow large enough to include all 6 of you. We'll be a love hexagon! A LOVE HEXAGON BOYS! Think about it. It's never been done. We'll be blazing a trail. A love trail! A trail o'love!**

  Jayden: As if we’re literary characters. Logan shy but strong. Tristan concerned and overprotective. Blake larger than life.

  Blake: So true.

  Jayden: And comic relief

  Blake: Hey!

  Jayden: Me, the genius.

  Blake: And weird.

  Jayden: Ayden the smoldering, sexy hottie.

  Blake: Oh, sure, give him the good part.

  Ayden: Art imitating life.

  Tristan: Did he just say “hottie”?

  Logan: *Climbing off Blake* It’s literary speak.

  Jayden: *To Matthias* And you’re—

  Matthias: *Shakes head* The dark, brooding one wi
th the tortured past. Bugger. *Mutters under breath* Wouldn’t mum love that. *Smiles. Dimples show.* Books. This is all about books. *Takes Jenny’s hand and bows* Miss Jenny, you just made my day. Thank you. *Turns to Hex Boys* Mates, take all the time you need.

  **Whuh. Was it my talk of the love hexagon that won him over? My claims of virtue maybe? Matthias! Don't go! We can start building the hexagon right now!**

  *Hex Boys stare as Matthias leaves*

  Tristan: What just happened?

  Logan: The world just turned upside down.

  Jayden: Matthias may need medical attention.

  Ayden: *Nods* We’d better follow him.

  Blake: I’m getting my group hug! *Tries to gather everyone together*

  Ayden: Blake, get your hand off my—

  Blake: Whoops! Thought that was—

  Ayden: We’re outta here. And Jenny, let me know when you’re up for Paris.

  Jayden: She thinks you’re fictitious.

  Ayden: Which is why our time together will be…*winks at Jenny*…unreal.

  Blake: *Being dragged out the door* Dude, that is so a line! Ignore him, Jenny. I’ll be back when I’m eighteen!

  *Jenny dies of all the hotness*

  A & E Kirk Say…

  Hope you enjoyed the Hex Boys and their crazy interviews with some of the best book bloggers in the business! Special thanks to Melissa, Jen, Faye, Heidi, and Jenny. It’s not easy to keep up with these guys, and those ladies definitely gave as good as they got!

  We’ll have all sorts of fun tour stops, along with fabulous giveaways and, of course, more interviews! For updated information, check out our website and Facebook, and We look forward to seeing you there!

  Oh, and rest assured…



  (…we hope.)

  Enjoy an Excerpt from Demons at Deadnight, the First Divincus Nex Chronicles Book

  Chapter One

  Someone’s car was totaled and it wasn’t my fault.

  But who’s going to believe a teenager?

  “The demon did it” excuse, while more creative than “the dog ate my homework,” was still as unbelievable. And much more likely to get me sent to the psych ward. So when the fang-filled flying hellion barely missed me and dropped like a wrecking ball onto the SUV, exploding shattered bits of glass and vehicle parts in my direction, I ditched the scene pronto.

  And didn’t look back. The savage grunts and metallic squeals provided a hefty deterrent. Like I needed more nightmare material. 

  I shot from the trailhead’s near-empty parking lot and booked it down the road. A log-rail fence lined the thick woods, and when the demon’s furious screech closed in from behind, I cut right. One hand planted on the top rail, slick from a recent rain, I swung my legs sideways, up and over. Home free.

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