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       Interview With A Hex Boy (Supernatural Fun When Book Bloggers and Fantasy Demons Hunters Collide), p.2

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  Blake: *Smiles. Glides fingers down Jen’s neck to hook into the collar of Jen’s shirt and checks tag.* Just checking if she was made in heaven.

  Jen: *slumps down* *giggles*

  Ayden: *Snorts* Seriously?

  Jen: *laughs harder*

  Blake: Yeah. I mean, she’s almost perfect. The only thing that’s wrong are her lips. They aren’t on mine.

  Jen: *dies laughing* Touché!

  Matthias: *Gags* Jen, please change the subject.

  Jen: But it’s hilarious! I kinda love him for it. *grins*

  Ayden: *Drops to knees* I will beg if you want me to.

  Blake: Jeeze you guys are dramatic. The truth is, my best pick-up line is, “Tell me about yourself.” Women fascinate me. And there’s nothing sexier than really getting to know them.

  Jen: *gazes at Blake* You know, Hun. *scoots a little closer to Blake* Those three sentences? Perfect.

   *Ayden and Matthias look at each other, confused*

  Matthias: Did he just say something…honest and…

  Ayden: Intelligent and meaningful?

  Matthias: Yeah.

  Ayden: What was in Jen’s cupcakes?

  Jen: *blinks a couple times* Ummmm....   Next question! I'm not much of a flower person. That isn't to say I don't love flowers, but I'd rather plant them and watch them grow than have them purchased for me. This mostly stands because I'd rather have several books instead of the $40 bouquet of flowers. If you were going to plant a flower, particularly for me, what type of flower would it be and why? (Just so you know, I'm not a carnation fan and roses don't really impress me, I like different and sometimes I prefer exotic simplicity which could very well be an oxymoron)

  Blake: The only thing that could come close to your beauty is the passiflora.

  Ayden: Nice geek speak.

  Blake: I’m going to ignore you because you have no game.*Reaches behind Jen and draws back to offer her a passiflora.*It’s unique and passionate, and bears the fruit of love. Just like you.

  Jen: *eyes pop*

  Ayden: You’re reduced to magic tricks and I’m the one with no game?

  Blake: The only thing magical here is the way Jen makes me feel.

  Jen: Awwwww....I heart you Blake! *smiles and takes flower* Sometimes life is a bit much and I can't stand all the commotion and things going on around me, so I have a spot I like to go and chill out until I can deal. My closet. It's big, and full of books. Do you have a spot you like to go and find your own inner peace? Where?

  Blake: When things go crazy, I go to Logan’s house.  Mrs. Hough usually has music playing and teaches me new dance moves. Mr. Hough and Logan let me help tear apart and rebuild cars in their garage. Logan has me do all the dirty work. But’s that’s alright, I like it dirty.

  Jen: *snorts*

  Ayden: I think she meant like a quiet place.

  Matthias: It’s emotionally quiet. And grounding.

  Ayden and Blake: *Raise eyebrows at Matthias.*

  Matthias: *Shifts uncomfortably* Would be my guess.

  Jen: *gazes at Matthias* That's why I bake.  *smiles and shakes head* 

   Okay! This or that?! Say the first thing that comes to your head. Hugs or Kisses?

  Blake: Kisses!

  Ayden: You really had to ask?

  Jen: *grins*

  Blake: I know you were thinking it too, babe. It’s okay, you don’t have to resist me.

  Matthias: *Yanks Blake back.*

  Jen: *air kisses* Milk or Lemonade?

  Blake: Making out under the lemon tree.

  Jen: *frowns* Not an option!

  Matthias: You disgust me.

  Jen: Brown or Blonde?

  Blake: Brunettes. No contest. *Winks at Jen.*

  Jen: *winks back* Handcuffs or Rope?

  Blake: Rope. Wait. On me or you?

  Ayden: Give it a rest.

  Blake: Is that what you told Aurora when you whipped out the handcuffs?

  Jen: *bedroom eyes at Ayden*

  Ayden: Who am I to ruin your fun? Next question!

  Jen: *waggles eyebrows* Jeans or Skirt?

  Blake: Mini skirt! No. Tight jeans! You’ll just have to try them both on so I can decide.

  Jen: I don't do mini skirts, but I love me some jeans! However....Book or Movie?

  Blake: Movies! You know, let’s go see a Rom-Com right now. I’d never pass up the chance to go into a dark room with you, babe.

  Jen: *sigh* *pets book cover*

  Matthias: *Stands up.* Okay, let’s go.

  Ayden: Yep, you’ve officially crossed the line into creeper territory.

  Jen: *Stands up* Wait!

  Blake: Why are you always trying to ruin my relationships?

  Ayden: What relationships?

  Blake: Jen and I have been going steady for at least ten minutes now.

  Jen: *snorts*

  Ayden: And we’ve gone from creepy to delusional.

  Matthias: *Drags Blake away.*

  Jen: Wait! You didn't give me a goodbye hug! *sniffles*

  Blake: *Shakes off Matthias* Babe! Tell them about our deep connection!

  Matthias: *Opens door*Ayden, it’s that time.

  Blake: Don’t let our love be doomed like Romeo and Cleopatra!

  Jen: *dies laughing*

  Ayden: *Runs and tackles Blake through door*

  Matthias: So sorry he wasted your time. Have a lovely day, Jen. *Shuts door* Ayden, you can’t set him on fire. Blake, just get in the car

  Jen: *stares at door* Ummm.... *puzzled look* Bye? I'll miss you? Thanks for the hugs all around? *sigh*

  I must say that I'm still rather depressed about the lack of hugs for myself, but then again, they all did the interview shirtless, so I was okay. I hope you guys all enjoyed meeting the Hex Boys! I loved interviewing them and can't wait for my cuddle with Blake! (Melissa, he's older in my head! Missie, you can't deny they want me! Jenny, I'll Twitter smite you any day, booya!! Felicia, sorry that I suck at sharing men, even if there are 6. Tina...have you finished yet? Ladies, on a positive note, they are indeed willing to move all of our stuff shirtless!)


  With Heidi at Rainy Day Ramblings

  Question: “What is the best thing about dating each one of you?”

  BLAKE: Oh wow. There are so many good things about dating me I don’t even know where to begin.

  MATTHIAS: Then don’t.

  BLAKE: I’m beyond handsome. And look at these muscles! *Flexes massive arms* I can sweep a dozen girls off their feet with—

  AYDEN: You’re forgetting the worst thing about dating you.

  BLAKE: What’s that?

  TRISTAN: They’re dating you.

  BLAKE: Dude, that’s so a pro. You’re just jealous because when I kiss a girl, she feels the earth move.

  AYDEN: You can use your tricks, but let’s not forget you failed the Seduction Course.

  BLAKE: I didn’t fail. I was kicked out.

  LOGAN: Yeah, because that’s so much better.

  AYDEN: One of the best things about dating me is that I not only passed the Seduction Course, I was top of my class.

  TRISTAN: But you might light a girl on fire.

  JAYDEN: As I understand it, most females look for a mate who will light their fire.

  BLAKE: But not all of them would like Ayden’s handcuffs.

  AYDEN: Shut up! That was a one time only—

  TRISTAN: You’re making it sound worse.

  LOGAN: *Points at Blake* If you say anything about me, you’re—

  BLAKE: Logan’s a great dancer. And we all know a guy who can dance, is good in—

  LOGAN: *Puts hands over ears* La, la, la, la, la!

  JAYDEN: I don’t know why you’re embarrassed. Sexual attraction is a key component to—

  TRISTAN: Ugh! Please stop talking.

  JAYDEN: But that’s my most attractive quality. I’m happy to communicate.

  AYDEN: But hal
f the time, no one knows what you’re saying. Including me, and I’m your brother.

  JAYDEN: Since women are innately circumlocutory, I believe in this instance, you derogate their appreciation of my loquacious propensities.

  AYDEN: *Sighs* You just proved my point.

  BLAKE: And Jayden will be totally oblivious to her romantic advances. Unlike me.

  AYDEN: Who imagines them.

  BLAKE: Hey! That’s not—

  TRISTAN: Yes, it is. The only thing bigger than your ego is your delusion that you’re some sort of irresistible—

  BLAKE: And what’s so great about dating you? A computer geek who never takes a risk on anything.

  TRISTAN: That’s not true. I’d risk everything for the right girl.

  BLAKE: And leave all the other girls as demon bait? Dude, that’s cold. I, on the other hand, risk everything for every girl.

  TRISTAN: That’s not what I meant! Quit twisting—

  MATTHIAS: Start bickering like school girls again and I’ll make sure you’re all demon bait.

  TRISTAN: Fine, Matthias. Let’s talk about your fine dating qualities. Does dark and brooding count?

  MATTHIAS: *Glares* We can leave me out of this, mate.

  LOGAN: He’s...uh...loyal?

  JAYDEN: And extremely well-read. Especially in regard to classical ro—

  MATTHIAS: That’s enough.

  BLAKE: He’s got whips.

  MATTHIAS: Shut it, you idiot! *Grabs Blake in headlock*

  BLAKE: Anger management issues!

  AYDEN: When it comes to you, we all have anger management issues.

  BLAKE: *Fails to break Matthias’ grip* Guys! *Wheezes* Little help?

  AYDEN: I think we’d better end this before he makes us sound like kinky, hormonal maniacs.

  LOGAN: Too late.



  With Faye at Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm

  Faye: Thanks so much for joining me today Tristan!

  Tristan: Thanks for having me.

  Faye: Since you aren't a central character, why don't you tell my readers a little about yourself first?

  Tristan: Uh. Okay. I, um, I’m the tech expert. For our demon hunting team. I also make sure we stay on track. Don’t do anything stupid. Or too dangerous. They say I’m the worry-wart but somebody has to keep these guys in line. They can all be such hot heads. Acting before they think things through. Although Jayden usually thinks too much. The six of us are practically always together. Which is annoying sometimes. Most of the time. But it’s safer to have a buddy system than privacy. Unless your buddy is Blake. You’re better off alone if there’s a girl in his sights.

  *Door bangs open. Gasps all around.*

  Blake: Behold! The girl of my dreams!

  Tristan: Are you kidding?! I snuck out my window to avoid you following me!

  Blake: *Kneels before Faye and takes her hand* I’ve been waiting for you my whole life.

  Tristan: *Shoves Blake away from Faye* I even switched off the tracker in my car! Made sure I didn’t have a tail!

  Jayden: *Enters with look of relief* Ah, Tristan. Excellent! You’re unharmed. Blake saw you abscond out your window and feared you were in some sort of danger. His qualms became mine when I ascertained your car tracker was inoperative. Fortunately, I was able to activate it remotely.

  Tristan: *Sighs* Thanks Jayden. *Turns to Blake* I even told you my interviewer was an old man.

  Blake: *Throws arm around Faye* How dare you insult her so! It’s alright babe, I think you’re gorgeous!

  Jayden: You say that about every female we encounter.

  Blake: You’re a terrible wing man.

  Jayden: I don’t have a pilot’s license.

  Faye: So you’re a Hex Boy, right?

  Tristan: One of the group, but yeah.

  Faye: What does that mean exactly?

  Blake: It means we have hex appeal.

  Tristan: *Laughs* It’s something the kids at school started calling us. After we became demon hunters we kept to ourselves…distanced ourselves from the normal kids—

  Jayden: I warned you all that separating ourselves would bring unwanted attention.

  Tristan: Yes, but we agreed that the community would be safer. We became the odd balls. And trouble seemed to follow us so we were “hexed,” I think was the general consensus.

  Jayden: Additionally, hex is derives from Greek meaning six and there are six of us.

  Blake: The six dangerously, sexy guys of Gossamer Falls. I’m the bad boy of the group. If you’re into that. Otherwise I’m not—

  Tristan: Important. Next question?

  Faye: How do you guys pull off going to High School and being Demon Hunters? It seems kind of complicated if you ask me lol.

  Tristan: It’s just like having a part-time job while going to school. And depending on how strong the demon is, sometime it only takes two or three of us to take one down. So the rest of us can stay in class or at home and finish homework. The team effort makes it work.

  Jayden: Tristan’s abilities make the situation infinitely more facile.

  Blake: No, Tristan makes it way easier.

  Jayden: That what I just— *Throws up his hands*

  Blake: We can skip out of class anytime or he convinces the teachers to give us A’s.

  Tristan: *Laughs nervously* I don’t do that.

  Jayden: You might consider at least giving him a B. Even with my tutoring he’s failing English.

  Blake: Because I have no idea what you’re saying.

  Jayden: Clearly.

  Tristan: No, he should just read the book.

  Jayden: He does. But inexplicably comes to utterly obtuse conclusions. Much like Aurora.

  Blake: How can anyone believe that the Bennett chick thinks Heathcliff—

  Tristan: Completely different books! *Turns to Jayden* Maybe a C.

  Jayden: That would help.

  Faye: What was your favorite part or scene of the D@D?

  Tristan: You mean Operation DDHK? I don’t have a favorite part. All of it was horrible! Demons kept trying to kill Aurora, my friends, me, then they used Herman—like we haven’t ruined his life enough. I tried to help and ended up torturing Aurora—

  Blake: Whoa, dude. Calm down that wasn’t your fault.

  Jayden: Well, technically—

  Blake: *Grabs Jayden in headlock* What’s that, logic boy? Yeah, Faye is more radiant than the sun.

  Jayden: *Wrestles free* That makes no sense. Faye isn’t luminescent in the slightest.

  Faye: What do you see yourself doing in the say, next 10 years?

  Blake: What do you see yourself doing? Because we could be doing it together.

  Tristan: Unless she’s smart and gets the restraining order. Let’s see…in ten years—

  Jayden: Of course such conjecture is predicated on the postulation that you’re still alive.

  Tristan: *Pales* You think I’m going to be dead?

  Jayden: I’m simply verbalizing the possibility based on the Mandatum’s mortality rate being much higher than those in the most hazardous professions of fishing or logging. And if you continue—

  Tristan: Okay, let’s assume I’m alive, I see myself semi-retired from actual hunting and working within the Mandatum’s tech operations. I love computers and gadgets and they have the best. A lot of hunters with my abilities go into psychological operations but messing with people’s heads is dangerous. And it’ll get me drafted into the Sicarius. *shivers* Although I’ve got to find out how and why I affect Aurora like I do.

  Faye: Overall, how do you think Alyssa and Eileen handled your story? I need me some more Hexy Boys!

  Blake: Trust me, Babe, I’m the only Hexy Boy you need and you can have as much of me as you want.

  Tristan: *Rolls eyes, pulls out phone to send quick text* Personally, I could do with one less. Seriously, Faye, I’ll back you up on that restraining order. Anyway, about our story,
Jayden, I thought you were writing it.

  Jayden: I’m chronicling our experiences, yes.

  Tristan: So are Alyssa and Eileen your ghost writers? 

  Jayden: I don’t even know any ghosts. And if I did, I’d never entrust them with our story. Ghosts are notorious for affiliating with demons. And how would they type or write? Their ethereal embodiment would render that impossible. 

  Blake: *Waggles eyebrows* Faye’s yum-body is meant for me. See what I did there?

  Tristan: Shut up. The one problem with the story is that Aurora gets to tell her side, and sometimes it makes me look like a bad guy. Which I’m not. I know we made things worse, put her in danger, but remember, I tried to keep her out of this whole mess.

  Jayden: Faye did suggest a spin-off. Then we could tell our version of events.  

  Blake: I’d need my own book. We could add a centerfold of me.

  Tristan: I’m gonna be sick.

  Faye: So things have gotten pretty exciting/crazy towards the end of D@D, what's next?

  Tristan: We definitely need some questions answered in order to keep Aurora safe. Until we know more, we can’t trust anyone. And I have a feeling Aurora isn’t telling us everything.

  Jayden: That’s true. She often exudes a taciturn sense of reticence. 

  Blake: You think so? I always liked her perfume. But, Faye, let’s get back to what’s next for you and me. First, we should—

  *Door bursts open*

  Ayden: You going quietly this time Blake? *Rolls neck from side to side with audible pops*

  Blake: *Gapes at Tristan* I can’t believe you called Ayden!

  Matthias: He didn’t. He called me. I can’t believe you didn’t turn off the tracker in your car.

  Tristan: I did! Jayden turned it back on!

  Jayden: Why is everyone irate?

  Blake:  Don’t worry babe, I won’t let them take you.

  Ayden: I’m not taking Faye. I’m taking you. She doesn’t deserve your slobbering hormones. Time to leave her alone.

  Blake: Never. We’re meant to be!

  Ayden: *Rolls eyes* If I had a nickel.

  Matthias: He never makes it easy, does he? *Black whip snaps out and wraps around Blake and Matthias drags him outside*

  Ayden: *Smiles at Faye* Since Blake’s gone, I’d be happy to stay and chat.

  Matthias: *Yells from outside* I heard that! You’re not leaving me alone with this moron. I’ll drag you all out if I have to. But, uh, not you, Faye.

  Ayden: *Shrugs* Was worth a try.

  Tristan: *Pushing Jayden out the door* Thanks. And keep in mind, that restraining order is always an option.


  With The Kirks at Teens Read and Write

  Question: “What would you do on Valentine’s Day?”

  Ayden: I'd borrow the family jet and take her to Paris.

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