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       Interview With A Hex Boy (Supernatural Fun When Book Bloggers and Fantasy Demons Hunters Collide), p.1

           A and E Kirk
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Interview With A Hex Boy (Supernatural Fun When Book Bloggers and Fantasy Demons Hunters Collide)

  Hello Our Most Treasured Reader,

  We’re the mother/daughter author duo of the #1 Amazon bestselling series THE DIVINICUS NEX CHRONICLES, which features the hextraordinarily sexy Hex Boys. Ayden, Matthias, Jayden, Blake, Tristan, and Logan are a hunkalicious team like no other who use supernatural powers to battle the most dangerous paranormal creatures on the planet!

  Yeah, yeah, a little dramatic, but, hey, we’re fiction writers. What do you expect?

  Anyhoo, our blog tour for Book 1 in the series, DEMONS AT DEADNIGHT, was an absolute blast, and we’re currently putting one together for Book 2, DROP DEAD DEMONS. In gearing up for it, we remembered that one of the most fun aspects of the tour were the character interviews. Each Interview With a Hex Boy was so popular that we had an idea…

  For those who missed the tour and want to get to know the boys better, and for those who just enjoy the hilarity that ensues whenever these guys get together, we thought we’d consolidate the interviews for your reading pleasure.

  The fabulous book-blogging ladies dishing it up with The Boys are Melissa at Books and Things, Jen at Jen’s Book Closet, Faye at Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm, Us at Teens Read and Write, Heidi at Rainy Day Ramblings, and Jenny at Supernatural Snark. We can’t thank them enough. They were hysterical! They held their own – and then some - with our beloved boys.

  But don’t take our word for it, simply read on and enjoy!

  Yours as Always, With Hugs and Gratitude,

  A & E Kirk


  With Melissa at Books and Things

  Oh since many of you know that I love those Hex boys from Demons at Deadnight and made them a special room in my harem (which is untouchable by me UNTIL their 21st b-day *waggles eyebrows*. Well, I noticed that several of you gravitated toward Matthias. So, I decided to try to shed some light on this mysterious individual. Surprisingly, he said YES to an interview so I jumped right on it (now, now... he's still a youngin'... *mumbles* dirty minded peeps..).

  Melissa: Thanks for agreeing to the interview. Okay, *clears throat* I guess I'll start with an easy question. If you could pick a power what would it be?

  Matthias: I’d prefer no power at all. But if I could choose, I’d like the power to heal others. Or time travel.

  Melissa: Really? That is so sweet! I'd really like....

  *Slamming doors outside gives way to arguing.*

  Matthias: *Scrutinizes Melissa suspiciously.* You expecting company?

  Melissa: *Gives wide eyed innocent look* No. Um... let’s just keep going with the interview, shall we? Um... What do you like about your power and what do you dislike?

  Matthias: In my line of work it gives me the upper hand when it comes to stealth and attack. I don’t like that it can be dangerous to innocents. Every power can be hazardous when misused or misunderstood. Aurora is a classic example of that—

  *Front door opens.*

  *Melissa looks confused*

  Blake: Hey dude!

  Matthias: *Groans.*

  Logan: *Pulls uselessly on Blake’s arm.* He’s going to kill us.

  Matthias: *Lights flicker.* Too easy, mate. Torture is a much more viable option.

  Melissa: *Looks suddenly confused at the flickering lights.*

  Blake: Jayden said you were doing an interview, we came to make sure you didn’t give us a bad rep. *Takes Melissa’s hand and bows to kiss her knuckles.* Good day, Mi’lady.

  Melissa: *blushes and then reminds herself he's too young* *squirms in chair*

  Matthias: *Shoves Blake away.* I don’t give us a bad rep.

  Logan: Aurora thought we were kidnapping killers.

  Matthias: Did I ask for your input?

  Melissa: *sighs* Hey guys? Let's get back to the interview. Matthias, how do you feel about Aurora?

  Blake: She’s the sexiest thing to walk the Earth. Well, second sexiest. *Winks at Melissa.*

  Melissa: *Eyebrows raise*

  Logan: *Rolls eyes.*

  Matthias: *Frowns* Aurora should move to a remote island where she’s never seen, heard, or spoken of ever again. Somewhere she can’t cause any more damage.

  Blake: Whoa, it’s sad how in love with her you are—

  Melissa: *mouth turns into an "O"*

  Matthias: What?!

  Melissa: *Snaps mouth shut*

  Blake: —since Aurora’s in love with me.

  Logan: *Shakes head.* You’re not even listening to the conversation, are you?

  Melissa: Okay, let’s get back to the interview, shall we? Um, about Aurora... this may kill you to say, but what is her best attribute? Her worst?

  Blake: Her best—

  Logan: *Smacks Blake.*

  Melissa: *Snickers*

  Matthias: I’ll admit *strangling noise* an admirable quality is that she’ll do anything for her family. And your second question? Her ability to muck-up everything. Especially our team. We worked fine before. Now we have people breaking rules, lying, naming missions, questioning my authority. This list goes on. But the worst is her thinking she’s part of our team. She’s an absolute loon. And a bloody thief!

  Logan: Ayden said she borrowed—

  Blake: *Snorts laughter* Yeah, if borrowed means steal right from under your nose. Man, that was smooth.

  Matthias: That wasn’t smooth! She’s messed with all your brains. She’s reckless. Stubborn as hell too. Even if she’ll die, she’ll stick to whatever idiotic plan she came up with.

  Logan: *Nods*

  Blake: I like to think she’s just delightfully determined.

  Matthias: You also like to think you’re intelligent.

  Melissa: *Rubs neck from the back and forth convo* *AHEM* What is your greatest wish? Do you think it is possible?

  Matthias: For Aurora to disappear, forever. And with my dad as sheriff, anything is possible.

  Melissa: *Eyes widen*

  Blake: Come on, dude. Gotta be honest.

  *Room darkens.*

  Matthias: *Clenches fists.* Sorry. I didn’t mean to be dismissive. The truth is I don’t want Aurora gone because her family would miss her and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Just gone from my life would be nice. *Clears throat.* And while I mean no disrespect, I’m not prepared to share my greatest wish. Although I will tell you that it’s impossible.

  Melissa: *Sighs* *Taps pencil on notebook thinking of the next question*

  Blake: *Wiggles eyebrows at Melissa.* Want to know my greatest wish?

  Matthias: She doesn’t. No one does.

  Melissa: Not until you are 21...

  Blake: That you’ll give me your number. *Grins.* And its possibility depends entirely upon you, my dazzling beauty.

  Logan: She asked for Matthias. Not you. You’re just lucky she’s nice enough to let you stay.

  Blake: She’s just playing hard to get. And Melissa, if you want to bring a friend on our date, Logan can come too.

  Logan: *Squeaks.* No, no. Uh. *Blushes. Clears throat.* Can’t make it. Got a…thing.

  Melissa: *Laughs* Matthias, I have seen many girls swoon over your future picture. So… tell me… what would you like in a girl? What makes you take notice?

  Matthias: What picture?

  Melissa: Um....

  Blake: I told Logan not to send those nude photos of you.

  Logan: What?!

  Melissa: *Giggles*

  Matthias: *Shakes head* You’re i
diots. *Takes deep breath. Faces Melissa.* Confidence, quiet confidence makes me take notice. Not shy, just not an ear-basher. Intelligent, driven, independent, and she has to like the classics.

  Blake: Since when are you into cars?

  Matthias: Wuthering Heights, Othello, Macbeth, The Odyssey.

  Blake: Ever heard of those models, Logan? I haven’t.

  Matthias: *Hangs head.*

  Logan: Think Shakespeare. You’ve got to start paying attention in English.

  Melissa: Don't worry Blake, classic cars are the best. Think of a Charger. *Hands picture* Now, maybe we can get back to the interview. Matthias, anything that surprises you about yourself?

  Blake: You mean other than he hasn’t dumped Aurora’s body in the lake yet?

  Matthias: Don’t be stupid. There’d be no body to find.

  Logan: *Mutters.* Kidnapping killers…

  Matthias: Shut it, mate. I’ve already admitted I don’t really want her dead. But fantasy is good for the soul.

  Blake: I’ve got a fantasy involving whipped cream—

  Melissa: *Mumbles.* Well, that car picture didn't last long...

  Matthias: Enough!

  Logan: You don’t even like whipped cream.

  Matthias: I’m surprised I haven’t murdered these morons.

  Blake: Dude, we’re family.

  Matthias: *Freezes.*

  Blake: Like brothers.

  Matthias: *Looks stricken.* Bugger.

  Melissa: *Looks awed.*

  Logan: I think he looks surprised. Which may answer your question, Miss Melissa.

  Blake: Group hug!

  Matthias: *Raises warning fist.* Eyes on, hands off.

  Blake: That’s all right, you and Logan weren’t even part of the group.

  Melissa: *Looks flustered.*

  Matthias: *Stands between Blake and Melissa.* Like I said.

  Melissa: *Tries to change the subject quickly.* One last question: Who is Bubbles and why did you help her out? *Grins*

  Matthias: *Turns to Melissa, keeping a wary eye on Blake.* Bubbles is Selena’s best friend. Selena’s five and despite the hindrance of having Aurora as her sister, she’s all right.

  Blake: Oh, come on. You adore Selena.

  Melissa: ...and you are adorable with her...

  Matthias: Point is she and Bubbles shouldn’t suffer for Aurora’s incompetence.

  Logan: That’s not fair because technically Bubbles’ problems were our fault—

  Matthias: If you like Aurora so much, go annoy her!

  Blake: *Points to Melissa.* Why would we leave a goddess like—

  Matthias and Logan: Shut up, Blake!

  Matthias: Thank you for your time Melissa. Please ignore any communication from Blake that might get past me. It’s for your own safety. And sanity. If we’re done, I’d be more than happy to escort these idiots out of here.

  Blake: *Getting forced out the door by Matthias.* Did I mention I was eighteen?!

  Melissa: *Snorts.*

  Logan: She said you had to be twenty-one.

  Blake: *Gripping the door frame.* I’m twenty-one!

  *Wind rushes through the room. Blake ducks out as door slams shut.*

  Melissa: Well, that was an interview, wasn't it? *Sighs.* So, how long do I have to wait for all of them to be 21??? *Shakes thought from head.*

  Well, that was Matthias... and Blake with Logan. *Grins* I hope you enjoyed my little chat with the boys. However, remember, they are all off limits to everyone here... and only off limits for a few more years for me. :D


  With Jen at Jen’s Book Closet

  Welcome, welcome! I'm so glad you all could join us today for my interview of Blake from DEMONS AT DEADNIGHT. For all of you who've read the book, you know Blake...tall, rock solid, sexy as hell...well, he may be an extravagant flirt, but it's no biggie because so am I and I just don't think Blake's met his match! :D On to the interview!!

  Jen: To start this interview out right, I need to know 2 very important things, Blake: 1-favorite books and 2-favorite cupcake? (this could make or break our relationship Blake)

  Blake: You get me alone and all you want to do is ask—Wait. Relationship? Yes! *Fist pumps air*

  *Shadows sneak up behind Blake*

  Blake: Don’t worry babe, I won’t lose you. My favorite books are Bond. James Bond. Did you know they were books first? I thought Logan was pulling my leg. But there they are, all Bond’s lady techniques written down for me to study. Which brings me to my next point, you could put my lips to much better use than talking.

  Ayden: Yeah, like duck-taping them shut.

  Blake: *Whirls.* Hey! This is a private party. Right, babe?

  Matthias: You crashed my interview, thought I’d return the favor.

  Jen: He does have a point, Blake. *pats Blake on the back*

  Ayden: And I thought I’d make sure you don’t give us a bad rep.

  Blake: Me? What about Matthias?!

  Ayden: Matthias only makes people think we’re murders. You make people think we’re hormonal maniacs.

  Jen: *Questioning look at Ayden* How is that worse? *confused*

  Blake: *Looks pleadingly at Jen* You can kick them out. Don’t let them ruin our date, babe!

  Jen: Don't worry, Ayden *bats eyes at boys* I like bad boys.  Blake, they'll behave, I'm sure of it. *pats Blakes hand* Besides, I like a crowd. *winks at boys*

  Matthias: *Pulls up chair next to Blake* Hmm, doesn’t look like she wants us gone.

  Ayden: And why would she? I’m smokin’ hot.

  Jen: *stares at intently at Ayden with mouth hanging open*

  Matthias: *Scowls at Ayden* You’ve really let that go to your head.

  Blake: Jen is clearly Team Blake, which is why I’m not threatened by you being here. Babe, my favorite cupcakes…*Winks*…are yours.

  Matthias: *Punches Blake’s arm.*

  Jen: *owl eyes* What? What just happened?

  Ayden: *Smacks Blake upside head.* I can’t believe you just said that!

  Blake: What? No! *Shoves both boys back* She bakes! Cupcakes. Real cupcakes!

  Matthias and Ayden: What?

  Blake: Jayden made her chocolate peanut butter cupcakes last week.

  Jen: *smiles crazily* He did?

  Matthias: Oh. *Grumbles unintelligibly and stares at floor.*

  Ayden: That was her recipe? They were delicious. Well…umm. *Shifts uncomfortably and looks anywhere, but at Jen* We thought you meant—never mind.

  Jen: *Winks at Ayden* No worries, hun.

  Blake: They were awesome, by the way, chick-a-dee. But I think you should come over to my place tonight and bake some just so I can compare against Jayden’s. We can watch a movie after. I like to cuddle.

  Jen: I'm down! I really want to try to make a banana cream cupcake with filling and whip cream topper. And, I love movies...and cuddling! Although, is it going to be a group cuddle? *looks at the boys and smiles winningly* Because, we'll definitely need all the mouths to eat that many cupcakes. I love a good group cuddle. *shakes head* Sorry, back to the interview! So, I happen to know on good authority that you like chick flicks. I myself love chick flicks, but I have a soft spot for musicals and oldies. If you were to star in your own flick, would you be a Fred Astaire, a Cary Grant, a Clark Gable or Howard Keel?

  Blake: Awesome choices, babe. I like the way Howard Keel showed how a big guy can be masculine, light on this feet and a real charmer. But that Cary Grant. He’s a smooth ladies man, just like me.

  Ayden: *Snorts laughter* You’re as smooth as gravel.

  Jen: *grins* I was hoping you'd say Fred Astaire, he's my love, past and present.  It's the dancing, let's be honest. But I do love me some Howard Keen! *smiles at Blake*

  Blake: Then why are Jen’s beautiful eyes trained on me and not you?

  Jen: *blinks* Ummm.... *Looks from Blake to Ayden to Matthias* FOOD! I happen to know you have some very eart
hy knowledge due to your "gifts". I want to know what spices and herbs you love and what you enjoy making with them?

  Blake: I have many gifts I’d like to share with you, like—

  Matthias: He’s not allowed to cook anymore.

  Blake: The fire wasn’t that big. Besides, Mrs. Ishida said she wanted to remodel the kitchen anyways.

  Ayden: Not the entire house too.

  Jen: *giant eyes - mouth forms a soundless "O"*

  Blake: *Shoots an irritated squint at Ayden* Tamarind seeds are my fave. I whip up some paste with them along with a few Habanero peppers for Jayden and he makes the most awesome BBQ sauce ever. He lets me cook the ribs.

  Ayden: He lets you stand by the Bar-B-Q while he cooks the ribs.

  Jen: I love BBQ!

  Blake: I’m pretty sure this is my interview.

  Jen: Now Blake, don't worry about them, *winks at Matthias* they're just being...brotherly.

  Next question! Toward the end of the book you and the boys end up in a fairly hefty predicament and you end up keeping something very large from crumbling down. While I'm impressed with your muscular abilities, that's not why it's my favorite scene. It's my favorite scene of you because we get to see a side of you that seems a bit more real. For all the ladies sakes, including my own, could you let us in on another very real -and serious- thing about you?

  Blake: I’m seriously in love with you.

  Jen: Awwww. I think we need a group hug.

  Ayden: Blake!

  Blake: I’m really in love with her?

  Matthias: *Stabs Blake with warning glare*

  Jen: Matthias, it's really okay. *grins*

  Blake: *Sighs. Squirms.* My parents left me because of the Mandatum.

  Ayden: *Flinches. Squeezes Blake’s shoulder.*

  Blake: It hurts. But I have my uncle and…I understand. It’s not that they don’t love me or…you know…it’s just….

  Jen: *wipes away tear*

  Matthias: Next question.

  Jen: *give warning glare to Matthias* That's my line!

  Blake: But the society did get me a new family! *Yanks Ayden and Matthias into hug*

  Matthias: Ugh! Get off!

  Jen: Hey!*jumps up* What about me? I want a hug!

  Ayden: Let go! Ow! Matthias, that was me!

  Jen: Fine. *hugs self* Next Question. Your personality never ceases to make me giggle and sigh. You may indeed be an endless flirt, but then again, so am I. I want you to use your very best pickup line on me and let's see if it works.

  Blake: Finally we get to the good part.

  Ayden: *Smirks and crosses arms* Oh, I can’t wait to hear this.

  Blake: *Leans forward and brushes Jen’s hair off her shoulder*

  Jen: *goosebumps race down neck*

  Matthias: *Sits up frowning* What are you doing?

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